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5 tips for the care of your boat

Maintenance care is essential for you to have a boat like new. Check out the 6 essential tips for the care of your boat.

1. Installing EVA deck mats

When it comes to installing mats on boats, many people think they accumulate dirt and moisture. In fact, most mats can accumulate dust and absorb water, but not EVA deck mats. They do just the opposite: they prevent the accumulation of dirt on the boat and protect it from moisture.

2. Wash the boat after use

It may seem like a strange tip, but even the cleanest water has levels of impurities and salts, which are corrosive, contributing to reducing the life of your boat's metal parts. Therefore, apply a fresh water spray after use, use a specific product for the hull of the boat and then apply a fresh water spray again.

3. Use a protective cover to keep your boat always new.

After cleaning, use an awning or protective cover on the boat, even if it is in a sheltered marina, to keep the boat protected from moisture and weather.

4. Empty the fuel tanks

Periodically, it is necessary to clean the fuel tanks of the boats, since if the product remains too long in the tanks, it can deteriorate them.

5. Periodically analyze the battery

Check the battery from time to time to check if the electrolyte level is adequate, how is the oil, if it is necessary to clean or change the filters or spark plugs. Lubricate the metallic parts and see if the connectors are oxidizing.

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